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Howdy Folks!!! It’s me again with more news!!!
I hope you are doing well and are being good
to all furry friends!!
I am trying to raise money for Patriot Paws. We visited
Greenfield Elementary School recently to ask the kids
to make donations.
Those kids are really cute!!! Stan and Sparky were
Patriot PAWS Greenfield 2 Patriot PAWS Greenfield 1This is my new friend, Sparky. He is ready to graduate and
be matched with an American Veteran. He demonstrated his
skills for the students.
The other picture is some of the staff at Greenfield. I was a
volunteer there for many years and those ladies know how
to spoil a dog!!!
Patriot Paws Greenfield 4 Patriot PAWS Greenfield 3
This Stan!!! What a pup!!! He already knows many of
the skills that are required by Patriot PAWS.
Meet Tammie…she is Stan’s puppy raiser.
Patriot Paws Greenfield 5 Patriot Paws Greenfield 6
Tammie and Stan are with Debbie and Sparky. They
are ready to present the program for the students
at Greenfield Elem.
Patriot PAWS Greenfield 8 Patriot Paws Greenfield 7
This is my person, Carolyn, with Stan.
Some of the staff at the school are wearing
Patriot PAWS shirts. Don’t they look great???
Patriot Paws Greenfield Carolyn 9 Patriot PAWS Greenfield 10 staff
That’s all folks!!! Molly and I are ready
for the next adventure!!
Tail wags and sloppy kisses to all
of you!!!!


I’ve got lots of news for you this month!!! So find a seat and get a cup of coffee and enjoy!!


I’m getting old and my family thought I would enjoy a new playmate.
We went to the Ft. Worth Animal Shelter and adopted  a one year old dog. Her name is Annabelle.
She is the happiest dog I have every seen. She loves to play with Molly.
Annabelle2 Annabelle1

Boy am I proud of my best friend Angel!!!
She graduated from Patriot PAWS last week.
Here are some before and after pictures!!!!
First picture is when Angel was 6 weeks old. Second picture is at Angel’s graduation.
Angel4 Angel3


I want you to meet the wonderful hero that Angel was matched with!!

Angel-and-Vet Angel5
Angel’s Graduation Day!!!
Thank you, Mike and Gayle for donating this amazing dog!!!
Angel-graduation Angel-training-1 Angel-9-10-14





I have even more news!!!!
St. Anne’s Church is sponsoring another dog for Patriot PAWS.
Meet Stan!!!
Stan2 Stan1
I don’t want you to forget about Anne. She finished her puppy training and is now in the final stages of her program at the Gatesville Prison for Women. She will be matched up with her Veteran in about 8-9 months.
Anne-last-picture2 Anne-last-picture Anne-church-picture


It’s the dog days of summer and I am trying to keep cool as well as look cool!!
What do you think???
This was such a special day at St. Anne’s. Anne was there with her Trainer, Hedwig. Anne received a special blessing that day.
This is Private. He is one of the other dogs in training at Patriot Paws. He came to St. Anne’s to join the excitement of Pentecost. He is Anne’s best friend.
021 020This is my “Happy Time” with my person Mike. We watch baseball games together and he sneaks treats to me when my Mom isn’t looking!! My little sister, Molly, is always close by.

God Bless the USA!!!!

Harry Tee is getting ready for the 4th of July. He and Molly are going to a party with some new friends!!
July Blog 007 July Blog 005
Here we are all ready to celebrate the birthday of our country!!
God Bless the USA!!!!
4th 1  4th 24th 34th4


Hello!!! It’s been a busy spring, but I wanted to share some things with you!!


News from Patriot PAWS Service Dogs:
This is my puppy-in-training, Anne, showing her patriotism!!!
Anne came to St. Anne’s for special blessings before going on her final training journey before getting her veteran.
015 018Joining me at St. Anne’s is Private…….a beautiful Black Lab. He is my best friend!!!
020 021 025

Happy Birthday

Welcome Spring!!!!
I just celebrated my 12th birthday!!! My Mom made an
Alpo Pie for me!! She spoils me, and I love it. I had a few of
my friends over. Most of them a people, not5 dogs!!!
Hope you like my picture!!
Thought you would enjoy a picture of Anne sporting some green for St. Patrick’s Day!
St. Anne’s gal is now 9 months old and well on her way to becoming a service dog.  We are currently working on picking up all kinds of objects (keys, credit cards, bottles of water), learning to flip from side to side while laying down, changing positions (from left to right) when walking and practicing pushing buttons (for elevators and using the phone).  Anne can also open cabinet doors and drawers, and is a whiz at retrieving anything I request.
Hope all is good at St. Anne’s.  Will send more pictures soon!

Thought you would enjoy a picture of Anne sporting some green for St. Patrick’s Day!
St. Anne’s gal is now 9 months old and well on her way to becoming a service dog.  We are currently working on picking up all kinds of objects (keys, credit cards, bottles of water), learning to flip from side to side while laying down, changing positions (from left to right) when walking and practicing pushing buttons (for elevators and using the phone).  Anne can also open cabinet doors and drawers, and is a whiz at retrieving anything I request.
Hope all is good at St. Anne’s.  Will send more pictures soon!
Patriot-Paws-note-cards-1I thought you might like reading these stories about the wonderful

work that goes into training a service dog.
GATESVILLE — Lark Goode, wearing a stark white prison jumpsuit, set a prosthetic leg down on the glazed concrete floor and calmly walked to the other side of the gymnasium. At her signal, Rocky, a black lab mix with a naturally bobbed tail, retrieved the leg and brought it to Ms. Goode.
Bounding dogs and puppies are not the first thing one thinks of when picturing prison, but they are a common sight at the Dr. Lane Murray Unit and the Christina Melton Crain Unit, two women’s prisons in Texas where 43 female inmates volunteer for Patriot PAWS, a nonprofit that trains service dogs for veterans with disabilities who live around the country.
Ms. Goode, 42, a former massage therapist, continued running through training exercises. On command, Rocky fetched a phone off a cabinet and went to get help when Ms. Goode pretended to faint.
Rocky will move to Bozeman, Mont., in April to live with Al Harmata, an eagle researcher at Montana State University who lost his left arm and leg when he was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade in the central highlands of Vietnam. Ms. Goode, the daughter of a Vietnam veteran, teared up as she watched Mr. Harmata bond with Rocky.

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“This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to feel like I’m doing something for someone other than myself,” said Ms. Goode, who was convicted of shooting a Plano man in the back of the head after a Valentine’s Day date in 2002.
Mr. Harmata, 68, is thrilled to be getting a dog to help him, as his mobility has been hampered in recent years by back and knee pain. “Getting up and doing something is a lot more painful than it ever used to be, and Rocky will help relieve that,” Mr. Harmata said.
Patriot PAWS was established in 2006 by Lori Stevens, a retired rural mail carrier who wanted to train dogs in order to help veterans live independently. Two years later, Christina Crain, then the chairwoman of the Texas Board of Criminal Justice, heard about the program and recommended it to the state prison system, thinking it would improve morale behind bars and cut down on recidivism.
Such alliances between prisons and dog training nonprofits date back to 1981, when Sister Pauline Quinn, a Dominican nun, founded a program in Washington State. (A dramatized version of Sister Quinn’s story was told in a 2001 TV movie, “Within These Walls,” starring Laura Dern and Ellen Burstyn.) Now, such programs can be found in penal institutions in more than 30 states.
Demand for service dogs, particularly among veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, has far outstripped supply. Patriot PAWS has placed more than 70 dogs across the country and has 99 veterans on a waiting list. Dogs have proved particularly useful in managing post-traumatic stress disorder — they can even be trained to wake someone up from a bad dream.
Training a service dog takes from 18 months to two years and, even with inmate labor, can cost up to $20,000. Patriot PAWS, which has 10 staff members and 70 volunteers outside the prison, does not charge veterans for their dogs and relies entirely on donations. Interested inmates are screened by the warden and by Ms. Stevens, and those selected move in to one of the dorms dedicated to the program.
Breeders donate the puppies — mostly Labradors, golden retrievers and Labradoodles — and they are brought to prison after they have had their second round of immunizations, typically at 10 weeks. Behind those barbed-wire fences, inmates spend eight to 10 hours a day teaching the puppies more than 80 basic obedience commands. The dogs rotate among the inmates, staying with each for up to eight weeks, accompanying them to school and church and sleeping in wire crates beside their beds.
After four months, the dogs are taken by volunteers outside the prison, who work on more specialized commands and socialize them to interact with the larger world, including learning how to sit quietly in movie theaters and on airplanes. The dogs are then brought back to prison for final polishing.
Gatesville is home to a cluster of prisons, and three and a half miles down the road from the Lane Murray Unit’s gymnasium, 33 inmates piled into a large room in their dormitory in the Crain Unit and spoke reverently about how the program has shaped their time behind bars.
“My family tells me, ‘Only you could find dogs in prison,’ ” said Patricia Ball, 58, who left behind five dogs in San Antonio when she began her 15-year sentence for theft two years ago.
“These dogs serve a dual purpose — they’re good for us, and then they help our veterans,” Ms. Ball said.
Kathy Allen, 39, spent six years on the streets of Lubbock, estranged from her family, cooking methamphetamine. Now four years into her 15-year prison sentence, she recently moved into the Patriot PAWS dorm.
“My son’s in the Navy, and when my family found out that I’m in this program, they’re proud of me,” she said. “I did methamphetamines for 15 years and they consumed my life. And now my life has been consumed by this puppy.”

Four of our disabled U.S. Veterans will be receiving their service dogs at a graduation ceremony in April. I plan to be there!!!
Until next month, this is Harry Tee signing off!!
Wet kisses and tail wags to all!!
Harry's hats 011

Valentines Day

Oh Boy!! I just love Valentine’s Day!!! Here are some pictures of my little Sis, Molly and me.


Molly and I are all dressed up to go to work with Mike!! We have on our UPS uniforms!!!

I cannot believe Anne is almost 9 months old!  She is now 53 pounds and so mature looking. Her training is right on target…she is very smart and catches on quickly.
We took pictures yesterday and wanted you to have Anne’s “official” Valentine photo. She said to tell all her friends at St. Anne’s Church that she sends her love on this special day.
Hope all is well with you.  Will be send more pictures soon!
Hope you remember our friend. Virginia!! She was named after  all the donations coming in from Virginia Beach. She is a real beauty and a lucky Vet will be meeting her soon!!!

It’s been a fun month and I wanted to send you some new pictures. I’ll be working on fund raising for Patriot Paws!! There is so much to do!! Keep our Vets in your prayers. I’ll have more news next month…until then here are wet kisses and bear hugs for you!!!!
Harry Tee